Quick Reminder & Update

ECC hasn’t yet set details for our Spring Sports program.  Please stay tuned for an announcement around the end of March 2018 for this year.  General information is under our program tab and has registration criteria information.


As always, please visit our website and Facebook page for sport program info, upcoming events, registration information and much more!  We also have our calendar on our website that is updated regularily and provides most current information regarding public access times.

If you and your family are interested in volunteering to help ECC with different programs or events, please contact us via email at eltoncommunitycenter@gmail.com .


Learn to Skate

Unfortunately ECC will not be offering a learn to skate program this year. Should there be someone willing to volunteer to teach, we have a reserved spot Tuesday from 530-615pm for this class!!

Please contact us ASAP at eltoncommunitycenter@gmail.com if you’r interested!!

New openings! Dec 19/17

  1. Due to some recent changes, we have ONE spots available on our 6U team and ONE spot available on our 10U team.

If you would like to register for one of these spots, please complete the required registration form and email to eltoncommunitycenter@gmail.com ASAP.  Any incoming registrations will be accepted by first document to be recieved and each there after until spots filled.  ECV will contact you directly with confirmation and where to submit payment. (Registration form is below).

ECC Hockey Reg 2017-18

Hockey/Rink/LTS Update

At this time, we are pleased to say all of our hockey teams  (6U, 8U, 10U and 12U) are FULL!

We look forward to our official start-up so please stay tuned for updates on the ice and schedule for public skate times!

To date, we do not have a Learn to Skate program set but are still working on this. Should you or anyone you know like to volunteer to help, please contact Teresa at eltoncommunitycenter@gmail.com !!

Hockey 2017-18 Updates Nov 7

ECC has the following spots available for each listed team:

6U (ages 4,5,6)     =4

8U (ages 7/8) FULL , no spots available

10U (ages 9/10)   =5

12U = FULL , no spots available

We still have open registration for the 13-17 year old team, please stay tuned for further updates on this age group!

Please complete the attached registration form and contact Teresa @ eltoncommunitycenter@gmail.com

ECC Hockey Reg 2017-18